1. http://www.spritmonitor.de

Available in German and English. On-line gas mileage and vehicle's costs calculator with data from registered users, information on real fuel consumption.

2. http://www.autoverbrauch.at

On-line database containing official fuel consumption and emissions of all passenger cars, information on alternative vehicles and fuels, ecodriving tips. Only available in German.

3. ECOSCORE - http://www.ecoscore.be

Environmental indicator for vehicles, mainly passenger cars; directly usable for fleet owners to screen their fleet on environmental performance; well-to-wheel approach, taking into account climate change, air quality and noise reduction. Available in Dutch and French. Soon also in English.

4. CO2-FOOTPRINT - www.vito.be/co2-footprint/

This tool enables fleet operators to calculate the impact of their fleet activities, amongst others based on the driven kilometres and the environmental performances of the vehicles. This tool also shows which vehicles are the most polluting and should be replaced first.

5. SUGRE - http://www.sugre.info

SUGRE (Sustainable Green Fleets) is an accompanying measure promoting alternative propulsion and mainly focuses on fleets, but not only with regards to land transport. The main objective is to promote and support the conversion of fleets to alternative propulsion (ranging from bio-fuels, methane as fuel to hybrid systems comprised of combustion engines and electric propulsion systems) and the energy efficient usage of them. Sugre is a knowledge hub, implemented as an internet based communication and information platform, tools supporting the procurement and localisation of refuelling sites (mobile phone based), and a support desk.

6. BeTireSmart - http://www.betiresmart.ca

"Be Tire Smart – Play Your PART" is a Canadian national public education campaign designed to encourage motorists to adopt good tire maintenance practices.

7. DG MOVE's Lifetime Cost Calculator - http://ec.europa.eu/transport/urban/vehicles/directive/calculator_en.htm

The Lifetime Costs Calculator is designed to calculate the operational lifetime costs of a vehicle according to the methodology defined in the Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles Directive.
The lifetime costs for energy consumption, CO2 emissions and pollutant emissions are monetised and calculated by multiplying the lifetime mileage by the corresponding value of energy consumption or emission per kilometre and by the respective cost per unit of energy or emission. Several options are included in the tool enabling the user to select the type of vehicle and to enter or choose different values from a list.

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