9 March - Opening session

Gabriella Blomgren
Iren Lejegren

9 March - Biogas session

Tomas Bergkvist
Hakan Johansson
Martin Ahrne
Maria Berglund

9 March - Mobility management

Minze Walvius
Markus Robert - CERO, SWEPOMM.pdf
Mats Nystrom - Smart PR Sickla

10 March - Sustainable fleets and transports from a European perspective

Leen Govaerts
Magnus Nilsson
Oscar Sbert Lozano

10 March - Mobility management

Jan Christians - Mobiel21
Robin Krutak - AEA
Christer Ljungberg - MAX

10 March - Eco-driving

Gugge Haglund
Elin Skogens
Joakim Gudmundsen
Jaap Schuurmans
Alessandra Moizo

10 March - E-mobility in Europe

Anders Noren
Edward Jobson
Christof Burtscher
Michael Wedler

10 March - Results of the Fleat pilot actions

Reinhard Jellinek
Tobias Denys

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