FLEAT Project Logo High resolution project logo (420 KB)
FLEAT Power Point Presentation FLEAT Slides in ppt format (1540 KB)
FLEAT Project Flyer (for e-mail) FLEAT brochure for e-mail attachment. (1878 KB)
FLEAT Project Flyer (for print) FLEAT brochure for printing purposes. (3653 KB)
FLEAT Inventory of networks Inventory of national and international networks in the field of fleet management
FLEAT Overview networking Overview national and international networking activities FLEAT (months 1-12)
Benefit package FLEAT pilot fleets Benefit package for fleet operators participating in FLEAT pilot actions
FLEAT 1st Newsletter Newsletter first issue (206 KB)
FLEAT 2nd Newsletter Newsletter second issue (504 KB)
FLEAT Report: Policy mix for energy efficient fleet management Overview of gouvernmental and private measures to make fleets more energy efficient.
FLEAT Description of pilot actions Description of the cooperating companies and organizations and of the pilot actions.
FLEAT 3nd Newsletter Newsletter third issue (505 KB)
D 2.1 Inventory of existing relevant partner networks All the PMC members have considerable networks at their disposal. Most of them also conclude fleet owners and lease companies. Some of the partners have also international networks at their disposal. These networks have been investigated for their complementarities and gaps in relation to the FLEAT objectives. The results of this inventory will be used as input for the networking strategy to be developed in task 2.2.
D 2.3 Overview of networking activities This document contains an overview of the network activities for the first 10 months of the project duration.
D 2.5 Final report on networking activities This document contains an overview of the network activities for month 20 to month 30 of the project duration. This is the final networking report.
D 3.1 Benefit package for fleet operators
D 3.2 Integrated Toolbox for fleet operators Collection of tools and measures in pdf-format
D 3.3 Policy mix for energy efficient fleet management In this report, an overview is given of possible policy measures to promote an energy efficient fleet management.
D 4.1 Description of companies and organisations cooperating in pilot actions The pilot actions are the core field of the FLEAT project. The aim of this WP is to implement pilot actions for improving energy efficiency in fleets in order to demonstrate best practices and to gain knowledge on the effectiveness of different actions in reducing CO2.
D 4.2 Description of planned pilots
D 4.4 Final report on pilot actions Final publishable report on pilot actions
D 5.1 Indicator Framework Example of the indicator framework used
D 5.2 FLEAT Assessment Framework
D 5.3 Final Report on monitoring pilot actions Overview and conclusions on monitoring the pilot actions
D 6.2.2 FLEAT Project Presentation
D 6.6 Final report on dissemination activities
FLEAT Fact Sheet
FLEAT Final Presentation
Finalm publishable report The final publishable report with a short description of the project, the results and an overview of executed pilot actions.
FLEAT Tips&Tricks A short overview of tips and tricks for successful pilot actions related to vehicle technology, ecodriving training and mobility management.
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