1. On-board data loggers 

On-board data loggers for vehicles are devices for monitoring travel and driving behaviour. Different types of devices are available on the market. Some only log GPS data, others are able to log CAN-bus data and transmit the information over any type of data network to a company/web server.

2. On-line driving style test

Only available in Dutch

3. Treatise - http://www.treatise.eu.com

The EC-funded TREATISE project ran from January 2005 to June 2007 providing free training in environmental transport for energy, environmental and fleet professionals in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. TREATISE also produced training manuals on Cleaner Fuels & Vehicles, Ecodriving, and Mobility Management and created a pc-based ecodriving simulator, a green fleet management tool and a CO2 Calculator to encourage people to choose less carbon-intensive modes.

Their ecodriving virtual trainer CD-ROM can be ordered on through their website (price: 30,00 euros).

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