Welcome to Írebro

Írebro is a beautiful town in the very heart of Sweden. The population of 130 000 makes it the seventh largest town in the country.

With its closeness to Stockholm (200 km), Gothenburg and Oslo (both 300 km) it is a natural logistical centre of Scandinavia. Its attractive position makes Írebro a multifaceted business region and an ideal place for conferences and trade fairs. The infrastructure is good with a Travel Centre for trains and buses as well as Írebro Airport.

Írebro is the Town of Cycling in Sweden. Cycling in Írebro is easy. There are a lot of cycle lanes and in several places it is possible to hire a low cost municipal bike.

Írebro offers many interesting tourist attractions, the most famous being the castle, which dates back to the 13th century. Írebro has a rich cultural life. Let the magnificent tones of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra enthrall you, as they did the hard-to-please critics of the New York Times during the ensemble's USA tour of 2008. First-class theatre, films and cutting-edge street art are also on the cultural menu.

How to get to the venue

City Konferenscenter
Klostergatan 23
603 61 Írebro, Sweden

Flights to Írebro Airport

From Europe there are direct flights between Copenhagen and Írebro Airport.

From Írebro Airport to Írebro City Centre

Írebro Airport is situated 12 kilometers west of Írebro. You easily get to Írebro by taking a taxi from the airport. A trip to Írebro city centre costs about SEK 250. The taxi companies below offers a standard rate. There is a taxi ramp right outside the terminal. You can also call and book a taxi in advance or use the taxi phones by the entrance. Since some time you have the possibility to go by biogas taxi in Írebro with Sverigetaxi Írebro. Ask for a biogas car when you make your booking.
All taxis accept credit card payment.

Taxi Kurir: +46 (0) 19-12 30 30website: www.taxikurir.se
Taxi Írebro: +46 (0)19-12 43 00website: www.taxiorebro.se
Sverigetaxi Írebro: +46 (0) 19-12 43 00website: www.taxiorebro.se

Flights to Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Another option is to fly to Stockholm Skavsta, an airport situated between Írebro and Stockholm. Budget airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air are the main operators at the airport, providing flight connections from a rich number of European cities.

Ryanair, Europe's largest low cost airline offers flights to 30 destinations in Europe from Stockholm Skavsta. For more information, please visit Ryanair at www.ryanair.com or call: +353 818 30 30 30 (Ireland)

Wizz Air offers destinations to Central and Eastern Europe. For information and booking please visit www.wizzair.com or contact Call centre in Poland: +48 22 351 94 99 or in Hungary: +36 1470 94 99
From Stockholm Skavsta to Írebro city centre

From Stockholm Skavsta the most convenient way to get to Írebro is by taxi. Here are some taxi companies that serve Skavsta-Írebro. All taxis accept credit card payment. It is recommended to book a taxi in advance.

TaxiKurir: Phone :+46 (0) 19-12 30 30website: www.taxikurir.se
Standard rate:
Car (1-4 passengers):
Minibus (5-8 passengers):
SEK 1600 (approx. €160)
SEK 1900 (approx. €190)

Sverigetaxi Írebro (with biogas cars): Phone :+46 (0) 19-12 43 00website: www.taxiorebro.se
Standard rate:
Car (1-4 passengers):
SEK 1600 (approx. €160)

Taking together the low price flight and the price for taxi, this option altogether can end up as a convenient and cost efficient alternative to get to Írebro.

Flights to Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Arlanda Airport is the largest Swedish Airport. It has aviation with 167 destinations around the world. Getting from Arlanda to Stockholm City Center is easy, there are both express trains and coaches to the central station. From there you can go by train to Örebro every hour.
More info about Arlanda airoport: www.arlanda.se
SJ Trains: +46 771 75 79 75, www.sj.se

Traveling by train
Train services are good with frequent departures to, amongst other places Stockholm (approx. 2 hours) and Gothenburg (approx. 3 hours). From Stockholm Arlanda Airport (www.arlanda.se) there are departures from the terminal every hour, taking you right into the heart of Írebro town. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen all have frequent flight connections with most of the major European cities.

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