1. E-Atomium - http://www.e-atomium.org

Training manuals to be downloaded, regarding mobility management, demand management, awareness raising, communication campaigns, and alternative fuels and vehicles.

Manual on Mobility Management:

Manual on Demand Management (in Dutch):

2. Treatise - http://www.treatise.eu.com

The EC-funded TREATISE project ran from January 2005 to June 2007 providing free training in environmental transport for energy, environmental and fleet professionals in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. TREATISE also produced training manuals on Cleaner Fuels & Vehicles, Ecodriving, and Mobility Management and created a pc-based ecodriving simulator, a green fleet management tool and a CO2 Calculator to encourage people to choose less carbon-intensive modes.

The link to the English version of the manual on mobility management (manual also available in other languages):

3. OPTIMUM2 - http://www.optimum2.org/cookbook

OPTIMUM² is a European project that has as its primary aim the improvement of the accessibility of busy locations in urban areas. OPTIMUM² involved 10 pilot sites in the UK and the Netherlands, each testing out different mobility management solutions for business or hospital areas. It was a four year project, funded by the EU INTERREG III B programme.
The Optimum2 cookbook on mobility management solution for your company is available through the link http://www.optimum2.org/cookbook

4. e-TREAM - http://etream.team-red.net

e-TREAM is a STEER project of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission. e-TREAM offers a programme of education and training, more specifically through the employment of an e-learning platform consisting of several modules. E-learning modules covering a wide range of topics are available at the e-learning platform, on all relevant aspects:
  • Fundamentals of transport and energy (introduction)
  • Production and utilisation of bio-fuels
  • Alternative fuels and vehicles (excluding bio-fuels)
  • Driving style and in-car devices
  • Mobility management for municipalities
  • Mobility management for companies and public authorities
  • Mobility management for schools
  • Demand management (urban planning and transport, access management, telematics, parking management)
  • Mobility marketing (transport information, awareness raising, marketing, participation and change management)
In addition to the training modules, the students will receive comprehensive support from the project consortium of e-TREAM, especially from the knowledge pool of the Expert Board, which is part of the project and consists of more than 20 highly qualified experts from different European countries.
In addition to the Expert Board the students will be supported by a user secretariat, which provides additional information on request.

5. COMPETENCE - http://www.transportlearning.net

COMPETENCE - "Strengthening the knowledge of local management agencies in the transport field” is a 30-months project co-financed by the European Commission within STEER within the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme EIE. The main activities in COMPETENCE are the design and implementation of international and national training and know how transfer activities, the design of training materials and the implementation of case studies as part of a training-on-the-job-program. The beneficiaries of the project are mainly local and regional energy agencies but also other organisations like environmental agencies, health bureaus etc. interested in enhancing their knowledge and skill base in the topic of urban transport. COMMERCE offers training manuals on :
  • Fundamentals on transport & energy
  • Vehicle technology & alternative fuels
  • Public transport (quality, benchmarking, intermodality)
  • Mobility management & Travel Awareness
  • Walking and cycling
  • Energy Conservation through Urban Design
  • Telematics for energy efficient transport
  • Pricing and parking space management
  • Driving Style and In Car Devices
  • EU policies and programmes
  • Change management
  • Information platforms and websites
  • Preparation and submission of proposals
  • Citizen participation process

6. EPOMM - http://www.epommweb.org

EPOMM is the European Platform on Mobility Management, a network of governments in European countries that are engaged in Mobility Management (MM). They are represented by the Ministries that are responsible for MM in their countries. EPOMM is organized as an international non profit organization with seat in Brussels.

The section "Mobility Managament for companies" is run by the COMMERCE project, a European project under the STEER programme that started in October 2007. EPOMM is partner of this project. COMMERCE is developing an online community for the discussion of Mobility Plans. The community constitutes the European Platform for Mobility Management for companies. It is open to municipalities and employers from across the EU. A Forum is established as part of the COMMERCE-project. It offers access to a discussion Forum, Downloads and Uploads.

7. COMMERCE - http://www.commerce-eu.org/

COMMERCE is a three year project, part of the Intelligent Energy for Europe's (IEE) STEER Programme. Its aim is to increase the number and to improve the quality of mobility plans that are developed by small and medium sized companies by providing tools and standards based on best practices across Europe. Mobility plans are also known as travel plans and their development is a clear way of reducing commuters' CO2-emissions.

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