1. http://www.mobilitymanagement.be/index.htm

The mobility management toolbox provides a clear and concrete overview of possible MM-measures and costs and benefits. It also contains a decision-supporting system, and shows a direct relation between MM-measures, effects and costs/benefits. This tool is available in English, Dutch, German, Italian and French.

2. e-TREAM - http://etream.team-red.net

e-TREAM is a STEER project of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission. e-TREAM offers a programme of education and training, more specifically through the employment of an e-learning platform consisting of several modules. E-learning modules covering a wide range of topics are available at the e-learning platform, on all relevant aspects:

  • Fundamentals of transport and energy (introduction)
  • Production and utilisation of bio-fuels
  • Alternative fuels and vehicles (excluding bio-fuels)
  • Driving style and in-car devices
  • Mobility management for municipalities
  • Mobility management for companies and public authorities
  • Mobility management for schools
  • Demand management (urban planning and transport, access management, telematics, parking management)
  • Mobility marketing (transport information, awareness raising, marketing, participation and change management)

In addition to the training modules, the students will receive comprehensive support from the project consortium of e-TREAM, especially from the knowledge pool of the Expert Board, which is part of the project and consists of more than 20 highly qualified experts from different European countries.
In addition to the Expert Board the students will be supported by a user secretariat, which provides additional information on request

3. FreightBestPractice - http://www.freightbestpractice.org.uk

Freight Best Practice offers free essential information for the freight industry covering topics such as saving fuel, developing skills, equipment and systems, operational efficiency and performance management. 

4. MAX SUMO - www.max-success.eu

MaxSUMO provides standardized guidance during the planning, implementation and evaluation of a mobility management project. It helps to structure the necessary steps of a project, e.g. setting targets, defining target groups, selecting measures. The unique benefit of MaxSUMO is that the process of behavioral change is divided into smaller steps that can actually be monitored and evaluated successively. Hereby, possible deviations can be corrected at an early stage.

MaxSUMO can be used for single measures, but also for combined measures. In this way, evaluation data can be compiled in a standardized way. As the aim is to disseminate the use of MAXSumo on a European level (and it is already tested in several countries), this will have very positive effects for future work and cost-benefit estimations - see MaxEVA below.

5. MAX EVA - www.max-success.eu

MaxEVA is an interactive web database for evaluation data of mobility management projects. It is based on the type of data which will be generated by using MaxSUMO for evaluation and offers simple tables and boxes to be filled in. Its usage provides guidance regarding the evaluation of Mobility Management interventions.

The idea is that MaxEVA over time will accumulate data from a large number of mobility management interventions, which will constitute a database with reliable information - you will be able to determine what effects to expect from measures. In short term perspective, MaxEVA can be used as a benchmarking tool where similar projects and their achievements can be compared.

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