• The management activities (WP1) will guarantee qualitative delivery of FLEAT outcomes and will assure the communication with the IEEA and the key-actors.

  • The networking activities (WP2) will support the different stages of the FLEAT projects and will implement the relation between the FLEAT project and its beneficiaries.

  • In the first stage (WP3) of the FLEAT project, knowledge on existing tools, instruments and efficiency of transport in general or fleets (mostly public fleets) have been developed.

  • The integrated toolkit will be tested in (WP4) for several pilot actions which will focus on different types of fleets.

  • Monitoring the impact of the different measures and tools will be done in the impact assessment phase (WP5). For this purpose, a harmonised impact assessment framework will be worked out.

  • In the final stage of the FLEAT projects results will be disseminated to the main target audiences of policy makers and fleet operators (WP6-7)

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